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Words from our patients

  • "I’m glad I did the reconstruction. When the reconstruction was happening I saw myself coming back to normal. On the positive side I got perky boobs, I’m happy for that."

    Rosanna R.
  • "When I was told I can get the skin-sparing and reconstruction rather than wake up (from surgery) with scars that made me much more hopeful for the future."

    Edith S.
  • "With the skin sparing mastectomy the oncologist planned well, the reconstruction went very well. I learned how important it is for the plastic surgeon to be involved."

    Mary P.
  • "I needed a self esteem boost. I had confidence but I was still very shy & embarrassed. After my reconstructive surgeries, big change. All the difference in the world."

    Stefanie L.
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Breast Preservation Foundation
8635 W 3rd Suite
Suite 1090W
Los Angeles, CA 90048